“Fables Radio” is an unofficial, fan-made audio adaptation of the graphic novel series “Fables” by Bill Willingham and DC Vertigo Comics, about a secret community of fairy-tale characters living in New York City, in hiding from a great evil that exiled them from their homelands. This six-part audiodrama series (with full voice cast, music, and sound effects) tells the first story in the “Fables” saga, “Legends in Exile”, which follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf and Deputy Mayor Snow White and their investigation into the murder of Snow’s twin sister Rose Red.

Please enjoy the love and hard work we put into bringing these stories and characters to life!



Adapted, Directed, & Edited by
Angela McCain


Voice Talent

snow3 rosered bigby jack

Snow White & Rose Red, played by Tamara Fritz

Bigby Wolf, played by Cliff Thompson

Jack of the Tales, played by Patrick Casao

blue1.jpg bufkin3 cole2.jpg bluebeard

Boy Blue, played by Dale Laakkonen

Bufkin and Hostage, played by Alex Cain

Mayor Cole, played by Dean T Moody

Bluebeard, played by Griffin Puatu

shoes charming.jpg beauty beast2

Cindy (Cinderella), played by Melissa Sternenberg

Prince Charming, played by Jack McCrorie

Lady Beauty, Mary, & Narrator, played by Angela McCain

Lord Beast, played by Nicholas Shapiro & Steven H.W. Grove

flycatcher2 crispin2 colin_av pinocchio

Flycatcher, Crispin, and Colin the Pig
played by Eric Peterson

Pinocchio, played by Joshua Galvan

briarrose.jpg kay.jpg  frau hobbes

Briar Rose, played by Olivia Steele

Kay, played by Carson Beck

Frau Totenkinder, played by Phoenix Emrys

Hobbes and Grimble, played by George DeLorean

Taxi Driver, played by Nicholas Shapiro
, played by Phoenix Emrys
, played by Steven H.W. Grove
Crowd & Extras, played by various members of the cast


Episode 1
“Great is the Contessa”, “Wisteria”, “Threads and Veils”, “Headlights/Mountain Road”,
“4th Chair”, “Between Stones”, “Petra” by Blue Dot Sessions
Mystic Forest Orchestral Fantasy” by Brandon Liew
Organ Samba” by Dave Depper

Episode 2
“Great is the Contessa”, “Between Stones”, “3rd Chair”, “Lathe”, “When the Guests Have Left”, “The Coil Winds”, “Seamless” by Blue Dot Sessions
At the Rift” by Sergei Cheremisinov

Episode 3
“Great is the Contessa”, “Tanguedo”, “City Limits”, “Beeth”, “The Summit”, “Charcoal Lines”, “Derailed”, “Flaked Paint”, “The Silver Hatch”, “Entrance Shaft 11”
by Blue Dot Sessions
“Swing 39” by Latché Swing

Episode 4
“Great is the Contessa”,  “The Longshoreman”, “Cirrus”, “An Opus in Bb”,
“Outside the Terminal”,  “City Limits” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Sidecar” by Podington Bear
“Slow Burn”, “Urban Gauntlet” by Kevin MacLeod
“These Fair Hands”, “True Hearts” by Nick Jaina
“Stormy Blues” by Arne Bang Huseby

Episode 5
“Great is the Contessa”,  “Red City Theme”, “Lesser Gods of Metal”, “Tranceless”
by Blue Dot Sessions
“Main Stem”, Kelli’s Number”, “Waiting For Your Call”, “Stardust” by The US Army Blues
“In Your Arms” by Kevin MacLeod

Episode 6
“Great is the Contessa”,  “Sylvestor”, “Sunday Lights”, “Drch”, “Mknt”, “Krok”,
“Lemon and Melon”, “Tranceless”, “The Coil Winds”, “”Outside the Terminal”, “Marimo”
by Blue Dot Sessions
“Blockage” by ROZKOL

All music used and modified with permission from Creative Commons licenses

Sound Effects

All FX not created by Angela McCain were found on freesound.org and used with the permission of Creative Common Non-Commercial Attribution licenses. A full listing of Attributed sound effects can be found here.

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